The Ataxian Impact

I had the privilege of spending the last two days in Hollywood, California. Five years ago, three friends and I embarked on a cross-country bike race (Race Across America), pedaling nonstop for just over 8 days, trekking 3,000+ miles with the purpose of bringing awareness to a devastating disease that my friend Kyle and I …

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Why I Run – 2014

In 2007, I was 25 years old and learned that I am living with a degenerative neuromuscular disease that is causing progressive damage to my entire nervous system. This energy-depleting disease, Friedreich’s Ataxia, causes slurred speech, loss of balance and coordination, hinders my ability to control my arms and legs, it can cause scoliosis and …

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10 Years later

I believe I’ve stumbled upon a thing that nobody has ever realized; time flies.

It’s amazing to me just how quickly time does pass us by. Even more amazing; how much “life” we are afforded the opportunity to maximize or take for granted with every moment we have, or had.

I reflect a lot, especially as I …

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Laughing isn’t enough…


But it sure helps! In fact, some say it’s the best medicine; good for the heart, good for the soul, eases stress, boosts immunity, and the list goes on. There are even many social benefits of laughter; helps calm nerves, diffuse tension, creates bonds and more.

I laugh a lot. Constantly. I laugh at …

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Updates & International Promo

Much has taken place over the last few months yet there are no blog entries to bring you up to speed! Some things you may have noticed through Facebook updates or Instagram posts, but I think writing something here is a good idea.

Our crowd funding campaign finished successfully! The goal was to raise $6,500 and …

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Constantly looking at the clock. Whether on our phones, the car, a wrist watch, or a clock that catches your attention as you hustle through the day. It seems everything we do is, to some extent, governed by time.
The time to start, the time to meet, time to take a break, time to end. From …

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Sam Bridgman

Meet Sam – a good friend of mine that I met years ago due to our shared disease of Friedreichs Ataxia. Sam and his family traveled from Seattle area to the deserts of southern California to join the Ride Ataxia II team on our journey from Sacramento, CA to Las Vegas, NV in 2008. I …

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Big Momma

Her legacy, just a tiny piece of it. It’s only a tiny piece because I didn’t know her that well at all. In fact, as far as I can recall, I only met her once. As I type this, I don’t even know her real name.

Nonetheless, Big Momma was important to me. Important to me …

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The other day I heard someone say, “It’s funny how life works out.” I’ve said that before and I’ve heard it a million times. I’m sure you have too. I got to thinking though; it’s really not that funny. At least not in a humorous, entertaining kind of way. Silly, odd, coincidental, ironic, and sometimes …

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SmithCinematic just lets the cameras roll as Sean talks about the diagnosis of FA and his perspective on life in spite of it.

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