Stir peoples’ thoughts and motivation to move into action through inspiring and motivating talks and presentations with a charismatic, humorous, heart-wrenching, and thought-provoking approach. Challenge individuals and large audiences alike to live life on purpose, with intentionality, and begin to move into action.


Led by founder Sean Baumstark, the story that is continuously being written is one that inspires disabled and fully-abled bodies to constantly get in the arena and put forth an effort to win – to not be a side-lining hopeful, but to step in the arena and maximize every ounce of potential in one’s mind and body to be the person they want to be, and to live the life of their dreams – not allowing the challenges of life to hold them back!

Diagnosed at the age of 25 with a degenerative, debilitating neuromuscular disease that is slowly robbing Sean of many physical abilities, he has determined to defy all odds against him and inspire thousands of others to do the same! Challenged by the progressive deterioration of his body, Sean is pushing all the limits in his own life and he desires to see others do the same!

Whether a professional athlete, an entrepreneur, CEO of a large corporation, or a stay-at-home parent – we are all faced with many challenges along our journey. Although every challenge is different and complexities differ between people and circumstances, every human is faced with the opportunity to CHOOSE how they will respond to the challenges that are presented along the way! Through his presentations, Sean inspires people to face the truth of their realities and define ways to embrace and conquer the challenging realities that too often leave people feeling depressed, defeated, lost, or stuck. We are never defined by our challenges, but instead we are defined by how we choose to respond and react. After all, as Kyle Bryant says, “Life is about how we react!”

What Makes Us Special

As someone whose medical diagnosis suggests he shouldn’t exert himself through activities such as mountain climbing, cycling or running, Sean is already defying those odds and gaining a lot of attention doing so!

Sean represented the global Friedreich’s Ataxia community in 2008 as an Olympic Torch Bearer in the torch’s relay across the world before the start of the 2008 games in Beijing, China.

Following his first long distance cycling trek of 650 miles from Sacramento, California to Las Vegas, Nevada, with Ride Ataxia (www.rideataxia.org), Sean competed in what is known as the world’s toughest cycling event, racing cross the continental United States in 2010 as a member of Team FARA, pedaling with 3 other teammates more than 3,000 miles from Oceanside, California to Annapolis, Maryland (www.teamFARA.blogspot.com).

Sean has a clear vision of life after diagnosis and he is committed to inspiring others to face challenges head-on through his actions and his compelling talks. He aims to extract the greatest potential from those he encounters.

What Do We Offer

We offer compelling presentations that inspire and motivate our audiences across every spectrum. From non-profit organizations to large for-profit corporations, putting life and its challenges into a correct perspective and offering thought processes on how to respond and react to life is the priority for Sean in his presentations. Through topics that are catered to the particular audience, all are challenged to create the life of their dreams in respect to his or her self, family, career, and other extracurricular in life. Everyone serves in different capacities in different life purposes – but at the core everyone is human and everyone needs to be challenged, encouraged, inspired, and motivated to make something move. As everyone knows, nothing changes until something moves.

© 2011 Sean Baumstark