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#DontForgetTheCrew (DFTC)

A tangible way of saying "Thank you."

In our world today, entitlement and self-absorption rule our day-to-day unconscious. We are consumed with our own lives, projects, commitments, deadlines, meetings, appointments, assignments, emails and more, so we tend to act as if our life is more important than someone else’s. Retweeting takes priority over holding the door for a stranger.

A flight attendant friend once told me a story about a $3 chocolate. I don’t recall the specifics, but more or less, one passenger on her flight offered some chocolates to her crew and thanked them for their service. This simple gesture made her day. Hearing this caused me to think about all the times I engage with flight crews, or any service-worker for that matter, and never once thought to say thank you quite like this. That all changed in 2016.

The purpose of #DFTC is to actively express appreciation to the others in life that help make you comfortable, happy, safe, satisfied and taken care of. Our world thrives because of the way others serve. Sure, it might be their job, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a simple $3 expression of appreciation now and then.

How Do I Join #DFTC?


Visit your favorite market. Purchase a packaged treat, such as Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares, Tates Bake Shop Cookies or your favorite candy.         Plan ahead, airports are expensive!



Attach a #DFTC "thank you" note to the package. Hand over to your flight crew as you board the plane, or maybe the train engineer, Uber driver or friendly barista.



Take a photo of your gift, or a selfie, or a pic of the receiver, or all three! Upload to Instagram and tag @DontForgetTheCrew and use #DontForgetTheCrew or #DFTC.


DFTC crop1


#DontForgetTheCrew was inspired with flight crews in mind. However, the principle applies to all industries and types of service. Whether it’s a generous tip, a sweet treat for the crew, a homemade pie for your helpful neighbor, a cup of coffee for your nurse, some cookies for your neighborhood supermarket cashier, flowers for the sweet lady that watches your children, or…the list is endless.


Giving isn’t reserved for the rich or the holiday season; giving is for everyone, all the time. Especially when you realize that giving is just a way of showing appreciation. And appreciation never gets old. And – brace yourself – no one is too good to say “thank you.” No one. Nobody. Ever.


In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

@BeKind, Insta