The NGE Column

Sean writes a weekly column for Friedreichs Ataxia News, an online publication from BioNews Services. In this column, Sean explores the differences in making excuses and identifying valid reasons in our everyday living and he challenges his readers to be intentional in their daily habits and choices.

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The Ataxian Film

An award winning documentary film about a 4-man team, two of whom are disabled, who compete in Race Across America (RAAM) in an effort to keep their disability from defining what they can and cannot do. Featuring Kyle Bryant & Sean BaumstarkThe Ataxian speaks to the reality that "life is about how we react."

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Keynote Speaker

Charismatic, humorous, authentic and to the point. Sean has given keynote presentations at universities, public schools, fundraisers, churches and conferences.

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Two Disabled Dudes Podcast

The Two Disabled Dudes Podcast is a funny yet heart-wrenching and thought-provoking exploration of life beyond circumstances. Co-hosts Kyle Bryant & Sean Baumstark capture a world-wide audience through this bi-weekly show. Available on Apple Podcast, GooglePlay and Stitcher.

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De:terminence, Inc.

The 501(c)(3) launched in response to a life-changing diagnosis that threatens mobility, independence, and life itself. de:terminence exists to improve the quality of life for those jeopardized, by disease or disorder, through athleticism and physical achievement.

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