What Do You Do…

I recently received a copy of a simple yet profound, kid-friendly book from a good friend of mine. “What Do You Do With An Idea” by Kobi Yamada, has been one of the most kick-in-the-ass books I’ve ever read, and it took me about 4 minutes to do so, beginning to end.

If you’ve never read it, please do. Especially if you’ve ever had an idea that you believe could change the world, even in the slightest bit. The child in this book has an idea but is held back by ridiculous notions we can all relate to.

I’ve been challenged not just because I am passionate about an idea or two that I’ve held quietly close to my heart, but also because, I thought, the ideas I once had for my life have been shattered. To some extent, that is true. Yet, I’m realizing, that although the life I used to think I’d live is not the life I’m living, that doesn’t mean that isn’t the life I can build. Sure, some things will never be what I expected them to be when I was 16 or 26. However, my life is and will be what I make it and there is no reason I have to completely abandon those shattered ideas. Instead, I can be okay with how different those ideas, and life, is now and simply, decidedly, confidently create the future I want to see.