Get Better or Be Worse.

There is no in between. Search online for just a moment and you’ll find all kinds of articles, publications and quotes related to this topic. Many of your findings will be tied to the business world or the economy, but the principle easily applies to every area of life, too.

In my last post, More Than A Slogan, I mention this concept - there is no such thing as same ol’ same ol.’

It is impossible to stop time. No matter what you do, tomorrow always comes (hopefully, you and I are here to experience it, but either way, tomorrow still comes). Every day brings a new set of experiences, opportunities and challenges. Some people jump at the opportunity to seize another day at the gym, or seize another hour of cold calling clients or perhaps seize the opportunity to create new habits, new routines or new disciplines. All of these things will foster growth one way or another. While those folks are growing, others will bask in the time to remain on the couch, procrastinate a little longer or simply skip doing anything that might be hard.

There’s nothing wrong with a little rest. But too often, “a little” turns into indefinite. It’s in the moments of rest or stalling where we can actually succumb to becoming worse, without even trying! With every passing day, we’re given time to improve - improve a skill, a talent, build upon a discipline, or take simple actions to help strengthen relationships. When we don’t take advantage of such time, we essentially lose - we’ll never get that time back - so we miss an opportunity to strengthen a weakness or grow a strength. Sure, not the end of the world, but it is time you can never get back.

Improvement requires constant effort. If something sits for too long or remains stagnant, it’ll turn, deteriorate and eventually die. And the lousy part about deterioration - you may not sense it, feel it, smell it or otherwise see it coming, but by the time its realized, it’s usually too late.

Actions don’t always have to be dramatic, thunderous or colossal. After all, every person who has ever reached the summit of Mt. Everest started in their living room.