More Than A Slogan

Last year, Nike celebrated 30 years of their simple yet sustainable and recognizable slogan, Just Do It.™

Of course, Nike made this three-word sentence famous, but I’m certain we’ve all used these words in our own centexts, even ones that have nothing to do with shoes or sports.

It’s similar and denotes the same sentiment as my personal mantra, and the name of this blog, Get Sh*t Done, or more PG, Get Stuff Done.

Some days are easier than others. I can go weeks feeling on top of my game because of the consistency in which I carry out important habits, the level of commitment to execute my plans and my mindset of growth. Then seemingly out of nowhere, I’m sitting at a coffee shop, driving a long stretch of highway or laying in bed and I realize that I’m nowhere near the mile markers I want to be near. Naturally, this time of reflection seems heaviest and most recurring at the turn of the calendar year. Throughout the last few weeks, I’ve reflected on a few rewarding accomplishments and habits. Unfortunately, I’ve also reflected on many things that are…just same ol’ same ol.’

(More accurately, they are worse. There is no such thing as staying the same; you’re either getting better or getting worse, growing older or being buried. There is no plateau, no such thing as same ol’ same ol.’ More on this another time.)

I consider the words “just do it” as a commitment to simply take immediate action and figure it out as you go. When we hesitate we welcome complacency and bad habits to create a cozy bed for our intentions. A bed intentions never get out of.

Time never stops moving, and we certainly never get more. We’re all afforded 24 hours a day – that will never change. If you’re one to blame the lack of time for your complacency, lack of progress or growth or simply lack of action, get comfortable with failure – it will tag along with no reason to ever leave you.

Sure, I’d workout more if someone paid me to hit the gym. I’d eat healthier if a chef prepared all my meals. But that isn’t the point. To win in my life, I have to take time for what’s important to me. If I’m not taking the time then I’m not winning and that is my fault.

Just Do It should be a way of life, a mindset to always move and push forward. Most things in our lives don’t need to wait for some detailed master plan. Consider the gym – I may not know exactly what 6 or 7 machines I’ll hit, or which stretching techniques I’ll use or what cardio machine I’ll sweat on, but that doesn’t stop me from showing up. When I have chores to do at home and only 20-30 minutes before I have to leave for a commitment, I’m not always sure what I can do or how much I can get done in those 20 minutes, but I just start somewhere and figure it out as I go. I’m not a fan of the mindset, “I’ll just wait ‘til I have more time.”

Remember, you’ll never get more than 24 hours in a day so you have to act accordingly.
If you’re ever going to Get Sh*T Done, you must start somewhere. Start. Just Start.