Happiness Is A Choice

You’ll never hear me say it’s an easy choice, but it’s still a choice.

A couple months ago I chose to handwrite a letter to the most important woman in my life, my Mother. If you’re familiar with FA, you know writing is difficult to say the least. However, I was hellbent on handwriting a letter since my ability to do so is deteriorating and the practice of handwritten anything is almost a thing of the past.

Although the details of the letter aren’t necessary for this post, I will tell you that it simply communicated that I’m happy. Despite hardships, despite unexpected outcomes and despite ongoing challenges – I’m happy. I understand this to be something fundamentally important to a parent – they want their children, among other things, to be happy.

Well, I am! It isn’t always easy to be happy but ultimately it is my choice, your choice, to be happy.

I think we all have certain visions for our lives, specific dreams. However, as life unfolds we take some unexpected paths, unforeseen turns and some doors open while others close. We face unexpected circumstances and we are forced to figure things out as we go and sometimes we think we have something figured out just to discover another blind spot of ours. Such is life.

I co-host a bi-weekly podcast with my friend Kyle Bryant called the Two Disabled Dudes. Publishing soon (09/10/18)  is a two-part episode that digs into some of our personal thoughts, philosophies and experiences. We’ve been friends for over ten years and Kyle has watched me walk through some significant circumstances and major milestones that he brings up on the podcast and opens the door to a conversation I rarely have. When the roles reversed, I asked Kyle about his philosophy on a life fully lived and we talked about being satisfied if life were to end tomorrow. (Stream here or download through your favorite podcast app for details!)

Ultimately, the letter to my Mom and the podcast episode with Kyle both remind me how important it is to choose happiness, even in the midst of chaos, mistakes, uncertainty, fear, failure and embarrassment. Sure, your life will have an impact on others, but at the end of the day, only you can answer for yourself, only you can define who you are and only you can choose your response to the life you’ve been given.

Our tomorrow’s may often be different than what we imagined or what we hoped for, but those tomorrow’s can’t take from you what you don’t give. Don’t give up your happiness – choose to be happy and choose to remain so even when things aren’t ideal.

I believe happy people Get significant Stuff Done.