Push The Limit

I went hiking in the beautiful hills of Auburn, California yesterday. Actually, to be fair, I went for a short distance walk on a well-marked, non-technical trail with the full intent of getting to a swimming hole in order to enjoy the cool river. It was beautiful!

This was my first such walk in a few years. Shortly after launching de:terminence, I hiked somewhat regularly with a group of friends and trained consistently for trips to Mt. Whitney and White Mountain. Those adventures have been on hold for a few years now.

Due to the progressive nature of Friedreichs Ataxia (FA), ultimately, (besides the swim) I went out yesterday to see what might be different. To get a feel for what resources I might need or physical concerns to be aware of for longer hikes. Although a very short walk, I intended for it to be a simple re-introduction to walking on narrow, uneven and rocky terrain. I quickly remembered why I put my hiking gear in storage.

But, skipping out on things just because they are hard isn’t the de:terminence way of living.

I have committed myself to summit one of California’s highest peaks in August, so it’s time to start getting ready. Time to assess where I’m at and what my capabilities are, and then make adjustments in order to reach the peak, to figure it out, to execute like mad or, as I like to say, get sh*t done (GSD). Because giving up, giving in, taking the easy road or just sitting at home isn’t an option. Not for me. De:terminence is the reason I get out of bed every day and is rooted in the determination of the mind and the resilience of the body (thus, de:terminence).

While on my short walk today, I fell forward and fell backwards. I slipped several times and landed on my ass more than I wanted to. I jokingly tossed out “this was a terrible idea” but on all levels, my friends and I know that it’s one of my best ideas. Crazy? Yes. Risky? Yes. Stressful? Yes. Dangerous? Perhaps. Foolish? Hell no. My friend Dr. Colin Meyer said it best in reference to his passion for racing on the weekends, “You never understand your limits until you push them, and you never know them until you cross them.” Pushing limits….this is where life is meant to be lived.

Pushing my limits doesn’t worry me. Being stuck on the sideline does.

Sure, I might lose my balance and roll down the side of a mountain, but that can happen to anyone.

Go forth and Get [Stuff] Done.

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  1. Thank u Sean for the reminder that life is meant to b lived with excitement and adventure. To explore the trails we r on. To NOT live in fear of what may b around the corner. I’m happy to hear u plan to continue your adventures of mountain climbing, but this August??? Do I need to make a flag??? Or flags????? I look forward to seeing u soon. Love u much…

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